Glow Mini-Golf

Not your average shot in the dark, our Glow Mini-Golf offers entertainment for every member of the family! These themed glow-in-the-dark venues are created using unique décor and custom animated props , and are custom designed and manufactured based on spatial areas.

18 or 9 hole miniature golf courses are available, where players are provided with glow-in-the-dark golf balls and mini-golf clubs. Each hole is clearly marked by glow-in-the-dark edging demarcating each hole, and players mark their own scores on a provided score card
Special care is made to advise players not to touch the props on display to reduce breakage or damage.

All characters are designed and carved from foam and then fibre glass sealed for durability, and a range of characters are available.

*Kindly note the permission is required for any branded or Disney characters due to licensing laws

Spatial requirements:
18 hole course - 400m² (4 305 square feet) allowing for approximately 26 characters depending on the course layout
9 holes course – 250m² (2 690 square feet) allowing for approximately 14 characters depending on the course layout