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Enter the world of 4D and experience cinema like never before as you see, hear, smell and touch ....

Our state-of-the-art 4D cinema is a feast for your senses, as you watch images come to life, combining the visual sense of 3D viewing with sensory stimulators taking film viewing to new heights.

Feel like an extra in the movie as you experience every bump, dip and turn, holding onto your seat as it shakes, tilts, rotates, vibrates and turns. Feel the wind on your skin , a tickle on your legs or feel water vapour as it sprays on your face adding authentic additional dimensions to the experience.

4D effects may in clude rain , wind , strobe lights, air jets, water sprays, leg and back ticklers, vibrations, bubbles, special smells and so much more .....

This stimulating experience is the latest in movie technology, and takes watching films to an entirely new level. Make sure you don't miss out!

'Note: 4D theatre available at selected stores. Kindly click on the "Where are we" link to view each store's activities.