Terms & Conditions

Birthday Party Terms and Conditions

All bookings and booking forms are to be completed, with confirmed numbers, one week prior to the birthday party.

Should your party number increase, you will be accommodated, however full payment will be levied on the
confirmed numbers.

  • All payments are to be made on the day at the respective stores.
  • Bookings forms are available from each store or can be downloaded from our website www.thefuncompany.co.za
  • Once a booking has been made, the booking will be reserved for 48 hours, during which time, a R200 .00 deposit is to be paid, and proof of payment sent to the necessary store. Should this deposit not be completed within the 48 hour period, the booking will not be held.
  • All party attendees are to arrive at the venue no later than 30 minutes prior to the party in order to ensure enough time for equipment to be allocated per player.
  • A minimum of 5 children and maximum of 30 children applies to birthday parties. Should you have a group larger than 30 people, arrangements need to be made with the store concerned.
  • A birthday cake, sweet hampers and all other food items may be bought into the venue, however should you require assistance with this, kindly discuss this with the Manager of the specific store.
  • The birthday child will receive a free R50 Fun Company card.
  • A dedicated area will be allocated for the party, including a trestle table and balloons, and in the interest of other bookings, the party area will be required to be cleared out once the scheduled time is completed.
  • It is the responsibility of the host to attend to all children, and disruptions together with harmful behaviour of guests will result in their expulsion from the premises.
  • Please note that every eftort is taken to ensure the safety of patrons entering The Fun Company, however entry is at your own risk, and neither The Fun Company, any of its employees or contractors will be held liable for any injury or damage to property.
  • All injuries are to be reported to the Manager on duty.

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